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Organizational Profile 

Family Support Circle (FSC) was founded in 2001 by caring individuals who recognized the need for quality youth development and education in the United States and Haiti. The board of directors has agreed to expand the organization in Haiti to help and aid young people in need of quality education and a better way of life. The organization originally started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is now in the Metro Atlanta Area as well. FSC is a 501 (c)(3), nonsectarian, social service agency that benefits the national community at large and now international by enhancing the potential and quality of life of each person and families we serve. Within FSC’s person-centered philosophy, is a deep commitment to be providers of supports with specific expertise in education, youth development, in-home support and community access program for youth, adults and elderly who are medically fragile and those individuals with Developmental Disabilities in the United States and quality education in Haiti.




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Who We Are

Our Mission 

Family Support Circle (FSC) works to provide the type of support services that moves towards an ever improving quality of life centered in a healthy and diverse community.


FSC requires us to embrace each person as someone whose life includes physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions.

FSC commits to working side-by-side with each person, families, agencies, diverse communities, international communities and government entities, to set the standard for measurable outcomes so that those embraced in our Family Support Circle shall be free to live their lives and pursue their dreams beyond the limitations of education, developmental disabilities, as well as other mental and emotional illnesses.

FSC is committed to the highest standards of quality, sound professional practice, innovative and progressive delivery of support and care. We are committed to excellence, professionalism, and continuous improvement, as we strive to be a people-focusedorganization. We believe the best service is achieved by operating through participatory and collaborative team efforts. We encourage creativity, innovation, and uniqueness. We stay informed and plan for our changing environment.

Core Values

Values, Recognizes and affirms the dignity and self-worth of each person.

Seeks the best in others; and demand it from ourselves.

Seeks character, competence, and caring attributes

Takes care of each other.

Values ethics, honesty, and integrity.  








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