Hey Everyone!

We have had quite a busy week this last week with ENGINEER WEEK!!


The students went on their Zero Robotics Field Trip to Georgia Tech and then Fernbank Museum in Atlanta! The kids had fun learning all kinds of science stuff revolving around their competition in August!


We had Zumba Instructor, Mrs. Victoria, come and teach our kids about some Latin Cultural Dances! The kids ROCKED IT! Not only did some of them learn a few new Spanish words and countries, but Mrs. Victoria taught them how to ZUMBA to different Latin songs! Our students REALLY enjoyed it and had AN AMAZING TIME! BIG shout out and thank you to Mrs. Victoria!! You ROCK!🙂


The goal for the day was for the students to complete STEM activities regarding “Engineer Week.” Students were to complete worksheets and activities, as well as, engaging in programming using HTML coding. Students also engaged in team building activies and learned other new computer programming skills!

Thursday: FIELD TRIP DAY!! (Last day of First Session)

Students went to FUN BOWL MCDONOUGH and had a blast!!! They did a GREAT job following camp policy and trip procedures! The staff couldn’t be more proud at how well they cooperated and participated in this fun field trip! The students engaged with their peers and developed team-building skills along with the engagement and participation! OVERALL IT WAS A GREAT FIELD TRIP!!!

Also, we had some AWESOME guest speakers come talk to our kids! Mrs. Irean Dillard came and talked to our students about the importance of good nutrition. She represents the international organization TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) that promotes healthy eating, exercise and group support as a path to lifelong wellness. We also had a young gentleman that spoke to the students about his gripping account of what can happen when we don’t take the time to make good decisions and neglect the information our parents and teachers impart to us. The kids got a whole new outlook at things they weren’t aware of before!🙂

As you all can see, we are staying busy! Monday starts Session 2 of our Summer Program. We are excited about seeing some new(and old) faces!! Stay tuned for more upcoming fun!!!!!