Here at FSC, we’re known for our many different branches of education-whether it’s financial seminars or abstinence education. With Thanksgiving a week away, we wanted to focus on Nutrition Education. Many of us are expecting to do as we normally do-splurging and eating our body weight in stuffing.

But is that the healthiest option for our children and ourselves? We don’t necessarily have to skimp on Nana’s famous cornbread recipe. And we don’t have to eat three cranberries only and starve all night.

It’s taking baby steps that can go a long way. Start by drinking plenty of water between bites. Using lighter versions of recipe components can alter the overall calorie count and lessen the pounds too. For instance, using less sugar or less butter can go a long way without altering the flavor you’ve grown up with.

The kids should get plenty of exercise┬ábefore the big dinner, by playing outside or even going on a walk as a family is a great way to catch up on everyone’s lives.

Lastly, eat plenty of vegetables. It’s easy to reach for the carbohydrates and the proteins…..But with golden yams, purple potatoes, crimson beets, and so many other options, how can someone say no to such a delicious rainbow of flavor?


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