After this election season, it is hard to find the good still left in America. People are scared or showing hate towards one another because of difference in opinions.

This post is being written in reference to all that. We here at Family Support Circle, Inc. (FSC) want to showcase the good in our community, the outreach efforts from those who support that aspect, and put our heads together to bring each person just a little bit closer to each other this holiday season.

These next couple of weeks are going to be stressful for everyone. That is usually the jest of the Holiday Season, right? Our bellies stuffed full from food, searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones, decorating the house, wrapping presents, and family over at the house for the holidays! All of these activities bring joy to our hearts because that is what the holidays are about.

Here at FSC, we have an idea that we want to encourage our community to do. That is to give-back for the Holidays.

What does it mean to give-back? Whether it is our time, our efforts, or our money, Giving Back can make a big difference in not just one person, but HUNDREDS of people.

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to help those in need especially during the season known for spreading joy, hope, and love. Our mission behind FSC is to build better communities, one person at a time.

With that being said we have the perfect opportunity for the community to do so. This year, we opened up our International School in Haiti. However, in early October, Hurricane Matthew brought a devastation through Haiti that left many families without hope. Efforts to repair the damages brought from the Hurricane have been to no prevail. So, not only are we there for our families in Pennsylvania and Georgia this Holiday Season, we are also trying to encourage others to give-back to our efforts to help Haiti rebuild the homes that were lost. We need your help to share the H.O.P.E.!

The Gift of H.O.P.E. Project is an ongoing project that started back in June when we opened up our location in Haiti. H.O.P.E. stands for Haiti Opportunities 4 Partners in Education. Back then, we were collecting school supplies for our kids in the program. However, after the devastation from Hurricane Matthew, the project has expanded to include collecting other supplies to ship off to our Haiti Location.

The Church that is being used for our school is also currently being used as a shelter to the families in the area to give them a safe place to sleep during the night. Haiti needs our help, and Family Support Circle is asking for volunteers to help us provide the help that is needed.

You may think that there is no way that you can do so, but there is! At the beginning of November, we opened up our Pennsylvania and Georgia locations as donation sites to collect the following:

Gently used clothing, toiletries, canned goods, shoes, school supplies, blankets, etc.

If you are looking to give-back this Holiday Season, this is your chance.

Below are our address locations and contact information to help our on-going project.


We want to engage each and every one of you to end this year by helping spread some joy, hope, and love.

Together, we can help build a stronger community. Together, we can share the H.O.P.E.!

Happy Holidays from our family here at FSC to yours!

 Georgia Donation Site:

109 S. Lee St.,

Stockbridge, GA 30281

Contact: Elna Poulard or Hope Dickson

Tel: 770-378-4070

Pennsylvania Donation Site:

2059 E. Chelten Ave

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19138

Contact: Gherta Ladouceur or Kishna Jeantine

Tel: (267) 335-5857