“YEP (Youth Enrichment Program) In the Neighborhood” is a community-based After-school and Summer Enrichment Program that provides more than 200 inner-city children and families an after-school program right in their housing complexes. Our services, programs, and events are available to children within the complex as well as youth in neighboring complexes.


Family Support Circle also offers an After-School and Summer Enrichment Programs in the Henry County School System  at Luella and Hampton Middle Schools. We are currently in the progress of expanding our outreach to other schools.


Registered children can take part in a variety of activities through the After School Enrichment Program. These activities include: tutoring, homework assistance, arts and crafts, sports, Social and Recreational Fun, Competitions, and Abstinence Education.

During our Summer Enrichment Program, campers engage in S.T.E.M activities by havinga full day of learning activities that are planned and led by our amazing staff. Activities vary across a spectrum of mental to physical, individual to cooperative, self-elected to designated, as well as small group to whole group.

Family Support Circle, Inc. utilizes our Feed-the-Kid’s program in our services in order to provide healthy meals for the children and youth that we serve so that they are fed while under our care.


Please click on the programs below for more details on the contents of each class.

The Scholarship Center

Abstinence Education

Insight Mentoring Alignment Program (iMAP)