June 30, 2019 @ The Event Loft in Stockbridge, GA

Thank you to everyone who attended our Black & White Benefit Dinner. It was an overall extraordinary event and further proof that we are indeed surrounded by a genuinely supportive community. We hope attendees learned something new about our organization and made some fruitful connections throughout the evening. We couldn’t do this without the support of our local businesses. If you won a raffle, basket, or saw an ad from a local business, mention it to them and thank them. 

We are grateful to the our amazing host and co-host, Jewettee McNeal and Tyrik Wynn, FSC Board of Directors, Our Planner and Consultant, Geraldine Andre of Regal ID, Dignitaries, FSC staff, parents and the community. To everyone who attended and/or contributed to the Benefit Dinner, Your support and generosity is appreciated more than you can ever know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

We thank our partners, sponsors, supporters and friends for helping make the event a success. We are grateful for your continued support and generosity to Family Support Circle, Inc. If you have any feedback for us regarding events – or are interested in hosting one of your own in support of FSC – please email info@familysupportcircle.org 

Thank you to for capturing so many amazing moments!!!!  

Photo credit: Andreal Mallard/Game Changers Media Network 


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 All event proceeds benefit the FSC's work with youth through our mentoring programs, organizing afterschool and summer camp for the youth, providing in-depth abstinence and human trafficking prevention training sessions for the teens, providing In-home care services for the disabled and elderly, feeding families through our food pantry, and supporting children internationally. —so that our community will thrive for generations to come. 


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