In June 2016, Family Support Circle, Inc. started a year-long FSC International program in Haiti to educate children and youth from pre-k through high school.

The program officially started in the Summer of 2016 and continued into the school year 2016-2017 which was the first year. We are now in our second year 2017-2018. The program is open and operates five (5) days a week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30AM – 3:30PM with after school programming to help with homework from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM. The summer enrichment program operates during the summer months to keep children busy and active from 8:30AM to 3:30 PM.  In addition to receiving educational programming and activities during the summer, students who may not have the opportunity to eat a regular meal at home once school is out for the summer, also have the opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch as participants of the program.   We are currently operating the program in a church building where the day to day school operation is taking place during the weekdays.


To uphold our mission to “provide the type of support services that moves towards an ever improving quality of life centered in a healthy and diverse community,” we must create space for our expanding after school and summer programs, youth development classes, food program and educational offerings. This new school building will include a full-size kitchen, a multi-purpose stage, an outdoor play area, new classrooms, and more.

We have a projection to build and finish the school building by December 2019 or before. We are making every effort to see that we raise the funds to build the school by the end of 2018 if possible. But the campaign to build the school is for 2019.

The total amount to build the school is $75,000, $7,000 for furniture/desk/table and $4,000 for other supplies and materials. This gives us a grand total of $86,000 to complete the school building and programs. However, we anticipate that once the building is completed, we will continue to need support to help with operational costs and miscellaneous expenses to maintain the facility.

Donations and support received thus far have helped to ensure future success for FSC’s International School by allowing us to make upgrades or renovations in our current housing situation that will impact present and future students.  However, in order to expand our programs and educational offerings in Haiti, we require support beyond our standard operational budget.


The Gift of H.O.P.E.  (Haiti Opportunities for Partners in Education), allows FSC to partner with others who align with our mission and share the vision of quality education in Haiti.  Through partnership with various organizations and business, FSC is able to act as a conduit to facilitate this support. 

L’ecole Mixed des Cayes 

(Co-ed school of Cayes)  “L’èducation elève une Nation”  Address: Rue Chapentier #28; Cayes, Haiti  Haiti Phone: 011-509-3209-7493  USA Phone: (678) 824-4FSC (4372)

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Give the gift of hope

This project is designed to establish a voluntary relationship between a business/organization and the FSC International School in Haiti.

As we seek to provide a vibrant and exciting place for students to learn, our organization will look toward partnership campaigns to maintain our growth. Partnering with The Gift of H.O.P.E can be done a variety of ways. Some of these may include:  Small fundraising campaigns where proceeds benefit the project; multi-year pledges, paid over time; Checkout Charity Campaigns; sponsoring a donation match campaign and more. The opportunities are endless.