Sexual Risk Avoidance

W.A.I.T Training


The W.A.I.T. (Why Am I Tempted) Training is an abstinence-only-until-marriage curriculum that provides five age-appropriate curricula that are known for being easy to use, dynamic, and engaging.

Video vignettes, real life case studies, role plays, interactive  exercises, and small-group discussions are offered during this class  that create a directed learning environment that encourages self-discovery.

Choosing The Best

Provides information about abstinence, teen sex and pregnancy, effects of premarital sex, why wait training, and abstinence education programs. 


Why Choosing the Best Works:

Choosing the Best utilizes the following five keys to effective  abstinence-centered, sexual risk avoidance and relationship education:

  • Motivational Learning Environment — Video vignettes of real-life teens, in-depth discussions, classroom exercises and role-plays engage the students in learning.
  • Medical Learning Model — Current information on STDs, emotional consequences and teen pregnancy.
  • Relationship Education and Refusal Skills — Provides students with the confidence to handle negative peer and relationship pressures.
  • Parent Involvement — Student Manual provides at-home opportunities for parent-student interaction.*
  • Character Education — Students are challenged to develop respect, self-respect, compassion, honesty and courage.


REAL Essentials Advance

(Relationship, Education and Leadership)

 REAL Essentials Advance is the country’s leading relationship education  curriculum. It is specifically designed to equip adults to teach young  people skills for combating challenges they face in adolescence. Lesson  content captivates the heart and directs students toward positive  decision making. The sexual health components of REAL Essentials Advance  are SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance) approved. All lessons are inclusive,  evidence based and medically accurate.