Developmental Disabilities Services

In-Home Support Services

Family Support Circle, Inc. (FSC) provides In Home Support Services that help low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities (including children) stay in their own homes instead of moving to a residential care facility.

In-Home Support Services, include light domestic help, assistance to and from medical appointments, companion care, meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping, personal care (such as bathing, grooming, and paramedical care) and protective supervision.

Respite Care Services

Respite Care is a temporary relief care designed for families of children or adults with special needs to take a break.

Respite Care can range from a few hours of care on a one-time basis to extended care for a long period of time.


Behavioral Health Services

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Case Coordination-Client
  • Crisis Intervention and Support
  • Family and Community Support
  • Outreach Support
  • Peer Support
  • Training Resources

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Community Access Program (CAP)

In order to help people achieve and maintain an optimal level of well-being, we proactively work with  the community on a variety of outreach initiatives that enhance the delivery of services.

The goal of our outreach support efforts is to:

  1. Empower and promote social relationships with others.
  2. Promote independent living and assist with community reintegration-daily outings of their choosing.
  3. Help people identify and use support systems within their local community to maintain meaningful lives-social and recreational activities.
  4. Provide Support to families at all times.
  5. Our Day Services allow individuals to remain active outside their home and develop social relationships with others. These day services also provide families and caregivers with time to pursue their own interests and activities.

Employment and Educational Support Services 

FSC designs Supported Employment as an evidence-based, well-defined approach to helping people find and keep competitive employment within their communities.

Supported Employment is paid competitive employment in an integrated setting with ongoing support for individuals with the most severe disabilities.

Supported Employment provides assistance in the following areas: job coaching and job placement, assistance in interacting with employers, on-site assistive technology training, specialized job training, and individually tailored supervision.

These aspects engage our clients in Social, Vocational, and Life Successful Skills.

For Eligibility information, please call our location in your state.